Wikipatterns: A Practical Guide to Improving Productivity and Collaboration in Your Organization

Wikipatterns offers practical, proven advice for guiding adoption of new technology, based on my experience guiding product development and customer adoption of Atlassian’s popular Confluence collaboration software. Drawing from A Pattern Language, the architecture and urban design book by Christopher Alexander, Sara Ishikawa, and Murray Silverstein, the patterns and anti-patterns in Wikipatterns enable you to build an enduring, useful space for collaboration, whether your team is in the same room or spread around the world. Order Your Copy

Mader is interviewed by Renato Geremicca at Forum delle Risorse Umane in Milan, Italy, where he gave the keynote Designing for Collaboration: Innovation & the Digital Enterprise.

Wikipatterns explores the value of collaborative approaches that emphasize shared responsibility over hierarchy, examines the key differences between Wikipedia and the wikis used by organizations, and explores what makes a wiki different from other tools used for communication and collaboration. Interspersed with the chapters are case studies. These are intended to give you a look at a variety of wiki uses, from collaboration and knowledge management in large and small businesses and higher education, to a non-profit using a wiki as the platform for a public website, a group building a wiki dedicated to its favorite sports team, and conference organizers using a wiki to manage and host the website for their event.

The book’s publication led to a series of consulting assignments with public- and private-sector organizations, including ICANN, SAP, and the World Bank-International Finance Corporation.

Table of Contents