A high-ranking person in your organization who supports a technology adoption project and, by doing so, confers a degree of legitimacy that can increase the likelihood of success.


Occasionally a senior figure in an organization initiates a wiki project. More often, the initiative comes from below, but the support of a senior figure is sought. By letting it be known that they support the project, a Patron gives permission for others to be involved and for resources to be allocated to the project. A Patron is particularly important in a corporate environment, where control of IT resources and competition between organizational units may otherwise discourage participation.


An employee who already knows the CEO explains the benefits of a wiki, and perhaps demonstrates a working system within the organization. The CEO agrees with the idea and encourages the employee to continue. The CEO becomes a Patron by “giving the nod” to the initiative. The CEO may have no further involvement apart from allowing it to become known that they support the use of a wiki. The initiating employee can encourage other people to become involved by explaining that the CEO thinks it is a good idea.

Related Patterns

  • Champion – Whereas a Patron/Sponsor simply approves of the Wiki, the Champion energetically drives the implementation and adoption processes.

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時には、組織内の高位の人物がwikiプロジェクトを開始します。より多くの場合には、取り組みは下部から生まれますが、高位の人物のサポートが求められます。後援者は、彼らがプロジェクトを支持していることを知らしめることで、他者を巻き込み、リソースがこのプロジェクトに割り当てられることへの承認を与えます。 パトロンは、ITリソースのコントロールと組織のユニット間での競争がある面で参加に水を差しかねない企業の環境では、特に重要です。


Related Patterns

  • チャンピオン – 後援者/スポンサーは単にwikiに賛成しますが、チャンピオンはエネルギッシュにこの実現と導入のプロセスを推進します。