New York & New Jersey Subway Map

New York Subway Map with New Jersey transit systems, including Hudson-Bergen Light Rail, NY Waterway ferry, & PATH, by Stewart Mader.


What’s on the Map?

About the Map

The New York & New Jersey Subway Map is a comprehensive transit map for the largest US metro area, based on the design of the official New York Subway Map that influences the transit choices of over 2.4 billion annual riders. It integrates subway, light rail, regional rail, and ferry services provided by various transit agencies in the region to show all travel options, similar to maps in other global, peer cities, like Berlin, London, Philadelphia, and Tokyo.

Comprehensive, easy-to-use maps, apps, and journey planning tools influence whether we choose transit, which can reduce stress, ease congestion and pollution, and increase safety for everyone. Transit Standards is a collection of tools, resources, and examples to streamline the public transit customer experience.

Transit Standards: Branding, Digital Strategy & Graphic Standards for Public Transportation

Traveling between New York & New Jersey? Download the official RidePATH app. Available for iOS & Android.

RidePATH: Official PATH Train app for iPhone & Android

In the News

For a feature story on the New York & New Jersey Subway Map, I asked transit riders at New York’s Fulton Center subway station for their thoughts on the map. Video: Adya Beasley


In 2014, I appeared before the MTA Transportation Reinvention Commission to make the case for a comprehensive NY & NJ transit map.


Historically, geographically, and commercially New York and the industrial district in the northern part of the state of New Jersey constitute a single community. –Interstate Commerce Commission

Closeup look at design of the New York & New Jersey Subway Map

The New York & New Jersey Subway Map includes transit services that connect the growing urban population just across the Hudson River.