Stewart Mader is working to improve the customer experience of transit. He created the New York & New Jersey Subway Map, worked with the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey to establish the PATH Riders Council for the seventh-largest US transit system, and served as Infrastructure Co-Chair on Hoboken Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s transition team. He has extensive experience leading customer experience strategy, and building websites, apps, and social media for a variety of organizations, including Fitch Ratings, CFA Institute, Atlassian, Brown University, and the World Bank-International Finance Corporation.

New York & New Jersey Subway Map

PATH Riders Council, which he chairs, has built a model for transit agency & customer collaboration, with accomplishments including an updated service map displaying regional transit connections, new service to meet changing ridership demands, and an app that gives customers real-time info, maps, and alerts.

PATH Riders Council

Stories Above New York, his documentary photography project from 2010-2013, takes viewers on a journey to see New York’s infrastructure from above the city. The project received widespread coverage, including features in CityLab, Cityscape, Curbed, and Gizmodo.

Stories Above New York: The Urban Landscape from Above the City, but Still Within It

Mader received grant funding from NASA to produce Skysight, a documentary on the space agency’s conversion of a Boeing 747 into an airborne space telescope to help scientists study the makeup of the universe.

Skysight: The Story of SOFIA, NASA & DLR's Space Telescope in a 747

Earlier in his career, Mader led instructional design at Brown University, Emerson College, Long Island University, and University of Hartford. He earned a B.S in Chemistry, Magna Cum Laude from University of Hartford, and an M.S. in Curriculum Development and Instructional Design from University at Albany. He is the author of Wikipatterns (Wiley, 2008), which adapts urban design patterns to build better digital infrastructure.