Stewart Mader specializes in fusing design, product development, and content strategy to create dynamic digital experiences. He is leading the digital transformation of Fitch Ratings, created CFA Institute’s digital strategy, wrote Wikipatterns based on his experience helping Atlassian become a worldwide leader in software tools for teams, and is leading the campaign for a New York & New Jersey Subway Map. Read More

Fitch Ratings

Digital Transformation of a Growing Media Company

CFA Institute

Digital & Social Media Strategy for the Future of Finance


A Practical Guide to Improving Productivity and Collaboration in Your Organization


New York & New Jersey Subway Map

A Map for a Megaregion

Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

Improving Customer Communications for the Subway Connecting New York & New Jersey


NASA Space Grant

Skysight: The Story of NASA & DLR’s Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy

NASA Space Grant

Stories Above New York

Capturing the City from Elevated Perches

60th Street Tunnel entrance from rooftop, JetBlue HQ, 27-01 Queens Plaza

“Stay hungry, stay foolish. If it worked for Steve Jobs, it’ll probably work for you. I don’t even know what Steve really got from that, but I think that mentality helped make sure he stayed creative, disruptive, and took risks. It’s a mode I thought people who were using Whole Earth Catalog were in. They were looking forward with excitement and curiosity, which meant acknowledging their ignorance. It’s a pretty good frame of mind to be in, but one easily fallen out of. Why not make an effort to maintain it?” —Stewart Brand