Apple CEO Steve Jobs demonstrates the iPad in 2010. (Photo Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

iPad Road Trip: Part I

Hello from Nevada, on day two of a cross-country road trip from San Francisco to New York. This is the first entry here written entirely on an iPad. So what convinced me?

  1. TSA Friendly – According to the Transportation Security Administration blog, the iPad doesn’t have to be removed from luggage at airport security checkpoints. This saves time, streamlines one of the most hectic parts of air travel, and offers peace of mind that valuable electronics are safe in your bag. It’s also cleaner – putting your laptop into a bin that just held someone’s shoes is unsanitary.
  2. Ten-Hour Battery – The iPad’s ten-hour battery is one of its most impressive features, especially when you realize you don’t have to search around an airport terminal or coffee shop to find the one seat near a power outlet.
  3. Design and Feel – The iPad feels sturdy and substantial in terms of materials and build quality. When you pick it up, the aluminum back is slightly cold to the touch, just like a nice watch.
  4. 1.5 Pounds – It’s light enough to go anywhere a book or pad of paper can go, and for all it can do, the fact that it’s only 1.5 pounds is impressive.

James Kendrick recently wrote about his own experience Blogging on the iPad:

Where I do see advantage to using the iPad for blogging is on short trips, or during outings when a computer is normally not carried for the day. The iPad is easy to travel with, and the tool that is with the blogger is better than any tool that is not. The muse can strike at the most unexpected times, and if the iPad is at hand it’s the right tool for the job.

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