Tracking Hurricane Sandy From Above New York

Throughout the arrival and aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I gathered photos posted on Twitter of the storm’s impact from above New York. The pictures paint a portrait of a deeply resilient city preparing, withstanding, and recovering from the devastating effects of an unprecedented storm.

Fri 11/2, 2:28 pm – Getting Back to Work

Thu 11/1, 9:30 pm – Mass Transit Steadily Returns; Power Taking Longer

Thu 11/1, 12:20 pm – Signs of Recovery

Wed 3:26 pm – Destruction in Breezy Point, Long Beach, Rockaways

Wed 1:02 pm – Rooftop Rescues, LaGuardia Flooding

Wed 11:38 pm – Severe Flooding in Hoboken

Wed 8:41 am – Darkened Lower Manhattan and New Jersey

Lower Manhattan without power - 8:50pm
Photo Credit: Dan Lurie/Flickr

Wed 12:20 am – “The Empire State Building is the only light in the sky”

Tue 3:57 pm – Rainbow over Manhattan, Flooded Taxis

Tue 12:18 pm – Main Street, DUMBO, Rain Outside Governor’s Office

Video of building façade collapse on 8th Avenue. Notice how FDNY firefighters run in right after the collapse. That’s the reason they’re called New York’s Bravest.

Update Sun

Cameras on the 51st floor of the New York Times Building (620 Eighth Avenue) are updating every minute, and Bloomberg is broadcasting live “Sandycam” video from atop Bloomberg Tower (731 Lexington Avenue):

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