Vicki Davis & Westwood Wiki #6: The Teacher’s Experience

This is the sixth installment in a series [1 2 3 4 5] based on my recent conversation with Vicki Davis (blog), the visionary teacher behind the Westwood Schools Wikispace. Today, Vicki tells us about using a wiki from the teacher’s standpoint. Vicki, thanks again!

  • How would you describe the wiki experience from a teacher’s standpoint?

    Like anything new, I struggled at first. But fear is a great motivator and I was afraid that I wasn’t covering everything I needed to in Computer Science. Their research and mine showed me that indeed these technologies are driving our society in ways that we do not as yet understand.

    I enjoy wikis and feel that for classroom teaching, that this new medium cannot be beat! I’d like to start seeing more wiki textbooks where I can add exercises and information as can other teachers. It could be a very helpful tool for teachers around the world and a great way to share best practices. As the student above state, it becomes more than the opinion of one person but a shared opinion. That is very valuable to educators.

    I grade these wikis by subscribing to the wiki over my bloglines account. It shows me simply who is working on what. One time, I was at home with a sick child and had my students working on wikis. I was commenting and posting as they worked and it was about like I was there!

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