The Growth of Deep Infrastructure for Completely Digital Content

Infinite Loop has a post about insurance companies starting to offer coverage for digital content “such as downloaded music and movies, as part of one’s homeowners or renters insurance policy.” Some companies are considering the idea, while Nationwide already offers coverage. This is a very positive move, because it shows a smart combination of consumer needs (that growing digital media collection rivals what’s on your DVD shelf, and you wouldn’t want to lose it) and business interests (Nationwide will obviously gain from including a new option in policies and adding to the insurance premium customers pay). Insurance may not be the sexiest industry, but it sure gives people greater peace of mind to know that their investment in digital content is protected.

But it’s bigger than that – it’s a sign of the further movement toward completely digital information, and the construction of deeper infrastructure to support that. By “completely digital information” I mean information that’s created, edited, updated, remixed – you name it – without ever leaving the digital realm and being burned to DVD, printed to paper, etc. Tools today, like the wiki, blog, social software, camera phones & video sharing sites are being built to create and manage information this way.

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