‘No Better Investment in Economic Future Than Mass Transit Rail’

‘Gyre’, commenting on a Star-Ledger editorial:

There is no better investment in the economic future of NJ than a strong mass transit rail system. If we are to believe the study that shows a migration of people from the suburban areas into the urban zones in North Jersey, then the argument for an upgraded rail system is even more compelling. More cars circulating in NJ is not the answer to a better quality of life in our state.

Capital New York’s Dana Rubinstein looks at the political implications of Amtrak’s announcement that it will have to shut down the North River Tunnels to repair damage sustained during Hurricane Sandy. Built between 1904-1908, the tunnels carry Amtrak and NJ Transit trains from northern New Jersey to Penn Station, and taking them out of service for repair would have been much less disruptive had NJ Governor Chris Christie not cancelled the Access to the Region’s Core (ARC) project in 2010.

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