I’m Doing Something New

Last Thursday, I officially became the wiki evangelist for Atlassian Software Systems, the company which generously donated a copy of its enterprise wiki software Confluence for development and publishing of Using Wiki in Education, the wiki-based book. Over the five months of the book’s development, I began a collaboration with Atlassian and it’s Director of Marketing, Jon Silvers, which led to this new opportunity where I’ll be splitting my time between developing a web site on Patterns of Wiki Adoption in organizations, meeting with customers to assist in their adoption and developing use cases, and speaking at conferences on the uses and benefits of the wiki.

So, you might be wondering what’s next for this blog. Well, now that I’m focusing completely on the wiki and related issues I’ll have even more to write, and more time to write it. Furthermore, while I’ll be evangelizing the wiki for Atlassian, I’ll continue to cover the whole wiki world and I’ll continue to focus on the dramatic transformation taking place in education as students and teachers embrace the wiki.

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