Fight, for Better Answers and a Stronger Team

Tension is a by-product of strongly formed opinions, and well-run groups should channel that tension into finding the best possible solutions to problems:

Rather than focus on the discomforts of fighting, consider the benefits from opposite perspectives duking it out! Imagine that the answer to a problem lies somewhere between A and B.  If A and B keep arguing about the “location” of the answer, then they have a chance of covering enough of the “terrain of possibilities” to stumble upon the answer.

In contrast, if A just gives up the fight, then B’s opinion “wins” – not out of diligence but rather out of ignorance. And when you have more individuals involved as you “triangulate” and zero in on the solution, your outcome is likely to be more thoughtful…but only if everyone is willing to stand their ground and exert their gravitational force in the process!

This is also a much more realistic way to build a cohesive, trusting team than any of the inane “team building” activities that good employees abhor.

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