Buzz and Reviews of the Book

Using Wiki in Education, the wiki-based book has been available for three weeks and it’s getting some great reviews! Business Two Zero blogger David Terrar says, “The book itself looks a good read, and it has many examples and case studies of wiki implementations in the Educational environment – these might hold lessons which are generally applicable in business too. In any case, I’m just helping some friends start a private tutorial college, and this will help me get them properly interested in using this kind of technology in their approach and for course material and management.” Discerning Discipleship, a blog based in NSW, Australia, says it, “will change your mind about the education and collaboration potential of the format.” Jonathan Nolen writes on his blog, “Academic or not, if you’re interested in seeing how wikis are actually being used in the field this is a terrific collection of real use-cases.”

If you haven’t done so already, take a look! My co-authors have put a wealth of ideas and practical examples in their case studies that show you how the wiki deeply engages students in learning and collaboration, and is the future of knowledge construction. Two chapters are free, and $19 gets you access to all chapters and the ability to download chapters in PDF.

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