Atlassian to give Using Wiki in Education to Academic Customers

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Atlassian is giving all its academic customers using Confluence a copy of Using Wiki in Education the book. Jon Silvers writes, “Why are we buying this book for hundreds of academic customers? The short answer is: because we should. When someone starts using a wiki, it doesn’t necessarily mean they know how to get the most value from it. The book will give our customers new strategies for using a wiki in their classrooms, for students, research and more. And frankly, we hope that the wiki will transform the way they view education. We want to spread the wiki philosophy — transparency, community knowledge, collaboration, and democracy — into every aspect of learning.”

Using Wiki in Education is the first book to focus specifically on the wiki in education and be developed and published using a wiki, so it actively demonstrates the tool in action. Atlassian’s plan to distribute it gives wiki users a how-to guide for the tool that is transforming education and collaboration.

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