A Wiki-Based Book

We are extremely proud to announce the launch of Using Wiki in Education – a wiki-based book! The book is a deep extension of the focus and content on this blog, and contains 10 case studies written by teachers that describe how they’re using the wiki to transform courses and engage today’s students in a range of environments including high school, small college, major research university, online/distance learning and research lab. This is the first book to focus specifically on the wiki in education and be developed and published using a wiki, so it actively demonstrates the tool in action. Who should read this book, and why is it published on a wiki?

A special thanks to the co-authors whose hard work and dedication has made this possible: Mike Cannon-Brookes, Victoria Davis, Stuart Glogoff, Jude Higdon, Peter Higgs, Jonathan Nolen, Rick Reo, Paul Schacht, Jon Silvers, and David Wicks. (More about the co-authors and contributors can be found in the acknowledgements.)

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